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Advantages of air system

advantages of air

If it is characterized by something air system it is for its novelties benefits aimed both at brokers and insurance brokers and towards the final insured. A disruptive model and intended for revolutionize the insurance industry makes knowing the advantages of aira system be something that must be fulfilled if you are immersed in the sector. Here we tell you all, so stay and meet them!

Relocate your sales

Wherever you are, you can carry out inspections of risk and generate new customers. One of the main advantages of aira lies in the ability to decentralize your sales without leaving your office, and obtain your client's data even better than if you were with him.

Full control of your data

through the air dashboard you can access all the data of your clients and their risks in a quick and easy way. Another of the advantages of using aira in your brokerage will be to help you make the best decisions at all times, and therefore we make the information is always visible and available to you. In addition, you will receive alerts for those policies close to expiration

Policies and risks always updated

Do you want to know one of the best aira benefits? You can automate your inspections Y prevent policies from expiring! You will only need to send the inspection to your client and update the data for the previous year. All of automated way and without you having to make any effort. We make it that easy for you.

Total control of portfolios and clients

Not a single fact will escape you. other of the best advantages of aira is his capacity to collect infinite data about your client and make a cross selling. Thanks to this, you will be able to configure 100% policies tailored to your needs and only for those risks detected, offering a fair cost in each of your sales.

Complex risk detection

Faced with a complex risk, you will receive an alert when an inspection requires an expert for your analysis. You will always have an extra eye that will notify you of possible deficiencies in the policies of your insured, a safe value for manage your client portfolio with maximum efficiency.

Advantages of air system

Risk self-assessment

Forget face-to-face inspections. One of the biggest benefits of air for runners will be the ability to capture all the necessary data through the final insured. You will send an SMS and your client, through a series of photos and videos analyzed by AI, will provide you with all the data that an experienced expert would give you. In addition, your insured will better understand their risks and the coverage of their policy, increasing their level of confidence in your brokerage and product. And don't worry about usability: one of the main advantages of air is to be accessible and manageable by any type of user!

Secure 100% data through blockchain

We are not only concerned with capturing data; also to keep them safe. We upload your reports risky to a blockchain chain for verify that the data is valid and immutable over time. If at any time you need to access them, you will be sure that they will continue to be valid.

Now that you know some of the advantages of the aira system for your brokerage, what more reasons do you need to incorporate it? You may start your free trial here and discover for yourself why aira is the revolution in the insured sector. For a limited time only!

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