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Importance of knowing the customer for relationship marketing

Relationship marketing, sales strategy, customer loyalty

What is relationship marketing and why is it important for sales strategy?

A primary element in business is people, especially in aspects related to marketing and sales. These elements are related because they focus on people, on capturing their attention, attracting them and selling them an idea or the product. A key element of human dynamics are relationships, since it is through these that ties and links are created, either between people or between individuals and entities.

Seeing the importance of relationships in human behavior and, therefore, in business, it is not surprising that there is a branch of marketing that is dedicated to the study of this, which is Relational marketing.

As its name indicates, this field of marketing focuses on Relationships with potential and current clients. But, in order to have stable relationships, first, it is necessary to know the people with whom you are trying to generate a connection. Consequently, knowing your customers has a series of advantages, which will be listed below.

Advantages of knowing your clients

  • Is obtained accurate consumer information and of the stages of funnel selling.
  • HE optimize the user experience and your experience shopping.
  • They are achieved shorter sales cycles, which means they are faster.
  • HE increases retention rate Of customers and loyalty.
  • HE discover new business opportunities and cross-selling is encouraged.
  • You get one best brand image and one greater reputation for the company.

These advantages allow you to adapt and perfect the sales strategy of the company, since the needs of the clients are known and there is precise information about them. At the same time, sales efforts are optimized, given that by having the customer's information their preferences and data are known, facilitating the work to generate transactions.

By knowing the client and having optimized their experiences with the company; both contact, purchase and use of the product/service, a greater satisfaction for its part, facilitating their loyalty.

How you can get to know your clients better

Through Aira System You will be able to know your potential and current clients better, since our forms will provide you with real and verified information about them at the moment.

Using our tool, you will be able to know your clients in various ways, since there will be processes what will they be with their interaction Y others where it will not be required, so you can get data from them without having to ask them.

Through the smart and personalized forms You will be able to obtain all the necessary elements to know and understand customers. Through these, information provided by the APIs that are integrated into our platform is also acquired, some of these being commercial or cadastral information, among others. In turn, through AI It is possible to gather more knowledge, ensuring that everything is verified and contrasted.

On the other hand, as a consequence of the integration of the various APIs in our software, there is a lot of information that can be consulted by providing a series of data about the person you want to search for.  

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