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Learn how to manage leads and create new sales opportunities with the appropriate software

In the current environment, where the market is saturated and competition is intense, capturing leads is the first step that businesses must take to increase their chances of expanding their customer base.

That is why today we will talk about the techniques to manage and qualify leads, how to generate sales opportunities from this information, and how to use the appropriate software to facilitate this work.

What is lead management?

It is a stage of the inbound marketing process that results in the acquisition of various users who have expressed interest in the product or service. From this point on, the goal is to try to guide them through the sales funnel so that they become in potential clients.

Techniques to manage and qualify leads

  • Triage Setting: Classifies and prioritizes Leads according to their level of qualification, used to allocate sales resources efficiently and effectively.
  • Lead scoring: It consists of assigning a score to the leads based on their correspondence with the buyer persona. This score is assigned based on an algorithm that adapts to the situation and needs of each company.

How to generate new sales opportunities?

Once you know your client better, the information previously collected will allow you to create new sales opportunities by offering services that are not yet covered and that adapt to the client's needs.

What software to choose to manage leads?

Pipedrive: This tool helps you focus on lead ranking activities and allows you to integrate many other related applications.

Monday: It is a lead management tool, which includes flexible automations, dashboards, workflows and different data visualizations.

Mailchimp: It is an email marketing and automation platform that helps users align with the buyer's journey by setting up email triggers based on customer behavior.

HubSpot: Helps you track and nurture leads from the moment they enter your distribution channel until they become satisfied customers

Kaspr: It is a lead generation tool for SDRs and recruiters. Users can reveal contact details with a single click by searching for potential clients.

AIRA as a solution

Aira allows you to receive new qualified leads with verified data or choose an existing client and their location to obtain data in real time, you can also customize smart forms to have full knowledge of your client's environment.

If you are looking for ways to improve your sales process, this is an option you should consider.

We present the functions of aira:

Aira 0: It gives you a complete report on your clients that allows you to be prepared before their visit, helping you stay one step ahead through customer knowledge.

Aira 1: It allows you to customize and design forms according to your needs, having full control over the data you want to receive.

Optimizing work and data will provide incredible time gains; the time gained will be used for much more useful tasks such as customer tracking, conversions, among others.

Dare yourself! and increase your sales with proper lead management. At Aira system we will be happy to support you.

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