Discover the advantages of integrating Lamb with aira system

Having up-to-date and real-time information makes it possible to increase business, the efficiency of your internal processes and, therefore, an increase in customer satisfaction due to the rapid response of the benefits of your agency or brokerage.

Create smart forms to get verified data

If you need more data on the risk to be insured and your client, such as measures against theft and fire, materials and more, create a form that you or your client can complete from their phone, receiving information in real time.

Obtain data for fine pricing of your client's policy and a PDF report, as well as attached documentation, and use it to send it to the company as a verification report.

Obtain verified and updated data in real time and from your office

With each form you will receive verified information about the property and the area, as well as updated information about the company, with which you can instantly quote policies, update policy information or even review the status of a policy in the event of a claim.

Affordable pricing with 10-day trial