Customer avatar: the importance of knowing your insured.

customer avatar

Knowing the insured should be one of the essential tasks for any insurance brokerage or broker, although the current reality is very different. The most common thing in the insurance sector is to use an anonymous and generic data distribution to calculate the risks and, finally, configure the policies of each insured. Without […]

Cross-selling in insurance and upselling

Strategies such as insurance cross-selling and upselling are some of the best marketing resources that you can use to sell more policies. Simply “selling” is no longer enough, and if you still don't know what we're talking about, keep reading. These marketing techniques go beyond ecommerce, so you can apply them […]

First investment round of aira system

First investment round of aira system

We are very proud to be able to inform you of the closing of the first investment round of aira, with a total of 250,000 euros invested in aira system, an insurtech that captures data for risk assessment, portfolio updating and knowledge of insurer customers . The success obtained in this round has been […]

Factors that influence the price of a business policy

factors that influence your policy

In a business, a store, any establishment at street level where a professional activity is carried out, it is essential to have an insurance policy. This type of insurance is called business insurance or multi-risk business insurance. The coverage they give is against the damages that the premises may suffer in the event of […]

Advantages of air system

advantages of air

If aira system is characterized by something, it is for its innovative benefits aimed both at brokers and insurance brokers and towards the final insured. A disruptive model designed to revolutionize the insured sector makes knowing the advantages of aira system something that is mandatory if you are immersed in the sector. Here […]

The history and origin of insurance

origin of the insurance

Have you ever wondered where insurance comes from? and who created them? The origin of insurance goes back thousands of years, probably started by the Babylonians and the Hindus who started some practices that gave rise to the insurance system we know today. The first forms of insurance The first […]

The application of AI in the insurance sector

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a set of algorithms proposed with the purpose of creating machines that provide the same capabilities as a human. This technology is something unknown to many, but it is present in many moments of our day to day. Since its inception, it has been implemented in numerous fields to facilitate […]

Launch of aira system: It is already a reality!

What a few months ago was presented as something difficult to conceive is now a fact: the launch of aira has arrived to revolutionize the insured sector! On July 18, 2022, we proudly experienced the market launch of aira system; the tool that arrives to make a 180 degree turn […]

aira system launch MVP


The Minimum Viable Product of aira system is already a reality. After weeks of development, closing of new investments and a lot of work, the aira MVP has already been launched and tested by some of our clients. The first real tests with clients (both final insureds and brokers and insurance brokers) have been all […]

Insurtech: the most successful new business model of 2022


Technology is advancing by leaps and bounds and all those companies that do not advance with it will gradually be left behind. The insurance sector must anticipate this event and start betting on tools and processes that bring it closer to the current world immersed in technology and this is where the role of […]