Insurance Week 2023

Insurance Week 2023

La Semana del Seguro es una de esas citas ineludibles para cualquier profesional del mundo asegurador. La innovación, buena gestión de clientes y actualización constante de procesos son algunos de los pilares fundamentales sobre los que se asienta el sector, uno de los más estables dentro de nuestro entramado económico. La necesidad de compartir nuevas […]

Collaboration signature between aira system and the college of mediators of Barcelona

Collaboration signature between aira system and the college of mediators of Barcelona

Nuestro CEO; Javier Mato y el presidente de Col·legi y la Fundación Auditorium firmaron el pasado 12 de enero un acuerdo de colaboración en Barcelona con el que buscarán favorecer las nuevas oportunidades de negocio en el sector de la mediación de seguros. Detalles y testimonios en nuestra firma de colaboración. “Nuestro acuerdo con la […]

mentions of aira system in the insurtech sector

Mentions of aira system in the insured sector

Si algo tenemos claro es que los procesos de contratación e inspección de riesgos del mundo asegurador necesitaban de un cambio y modernización que permita mejorar los resultados obtenidos hasta ahora por brokers y aseguradoras en sus respectivos negocios. Hicimos de esta necesidad del mercado nuestra razón de ser y principal factor diferenciador, algo que […]

I Committee of experts of aira system

I Committee of experts of aira system

On November 25, we had the pleasure of holding our first committee of experts on the aira system; a day of debate with benchmarks from the insurance sector aimed at exchanging experiences, visions on the future of the market and also, to know the opinion on our tool by key figures in it. Next, you […]

Customer avatar: the importance of knowing your insured.

customer avatar

Knowing the insured should be one of the essential tasks for any insurance brokerage or broker, although the current reality is very different. The most common thing in the insurance sector is to use an anonymous and generic data distribution to calculate the risks and, finally, configure the policies of each insured. Without […]

Cross-selling in insurance and upselling

Strategies such as insurance cross-selling and upselling are some of the best marketing resources that you can use to sell more policies. Simply “selling” is no longer enough, and if you still don't know what we're talking about, keep reading. These marketing techniques go beyond ecommerce, so you can apply them […]

First investment round of aira system

First investment round of aira system

We are very proud to be able to inform you of the closing of the first investment round of aira, with a total of 250,000 euros invested in aira system, an insurtech that captures data for risk assessment, portfolio updating and knowledge of insurer customers . The success obtained in this round has been […]

Factors that influence the price of a business policy

factors that influence your policy

In a business, a store, any establishment at street level where a professional activity is carried out, it is essential to have an insurance policy. This type of insurance is called business insurance or multi-risk business insurance. The coverage they give is against the damages that the premises may suffer in the event of […]

Advantages of air system

advantages of air

If aira system is characterized by something, it is for its innovative benefits aimed both at brokers and insurance brokers and towards the final insured. A disruptive model designed to revolutionize the insured sector makes knowing the advantages of aira system something that is mandatory if you are immersed in the sector. Here […]

The history and origin of insurance

origin of the insurance

Have you ever wondered where insurance comes from? and who created them? The origin of insurance goes back thousands of years, probably started by the Babylonians and the Hindus who started some practices that gave rise to the insurance system we know today. The first forms of insurance The first […]