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Offer customization in the insurance sector

In the digital age, consumers seek personalized experiences in all aspects of their lives, and the insurance industry is no exception. Discover how personalizing offers in the insurance sector not only improves customer satisfaction, but also customer acquisition and retention. At aira system, we have […]

Integration of aira system in Lamb Software

aira system and lamb software integration

Lamb Software and aira system ratify this agreement that has a single objective; bringing aira system technology to the more than 400 brokers who work under Lamb's ERP with a 100% integration within Lamb's own system. All brokers working within Lamb's ERP will be able to assess the […]

aira system API: discover it!

aira system API

That's right, we come to tell you one of the most exciting news that we have shared; The aira system API arrives to be able to bring more than 400 data to any ERP, CRM or Core in the sector for risk assessment and customer knowledge. We have generated what we like to call the 'aira 0' and the […]

The usual cadastre, like never before.

air cadastre

Impossible to get lost, with the new technology of air to enter cadastral files through maps, it is tremendously easy for you or your client to connect the cadastral risk file in a few seconds. We apply an existing technology, Google Maps, so that we geolocate the risk that we want to evaluate with the aira system and, in a few seconds, […]

Most common risks in your home insurance

common home insurance risks

Our home is not just a refuge where we feel protected, safe and collected. A home will also be the ultimate illusion and the most precious asset for many of us. Protecting it through a good insurance policy and keeping it away from possible damage must be a priority for everyone, a challenge that […]

Insurance Week 2023

Insurance Week 2023

Insurance Week is one of those unavoidable events for any professional in the insurance world. Innovation, good customer management and constant updating of processes are some of the fundamental pillars on which the sector is based, one of the most stable within our economic framework. The need to share new […]

mentions of aira system in the insurtech sector

Mentions of aira system in the insured sector

If one thing is clear to us, it is that the risk contracting and inspection processes in the insurance world needed a change and modernization that would improve the results obtained so far by brokers and insurers in their respective businesses. We made this market need our reason for being and main differentiating factor, something that […]

I Committee of experts of aira system

I Committee of experts of aira system

On November 25, we had the pleasure of holding our first committee of experts on the aira system; a day of debate with benchmarks from the insurance sector aimed at exchanging experiences, visions on the future of the market and also, to know the opinion on our tool by key figures in it. Next, you […]